Employsure Law And Its Lawyers Claim Top Gongs

Employsure Law And Its Lawyers Claim Top Gongs

In another turbulent year for small business owners which has seen Employsure advisors take hundreds of thousands of advice calls from more than 30,000 SMEs, one division of the company that has consistently and clearly helped its clients is Employsure Law.

The team of experienced lawyers at Employsure Law represent SMEs in all aspects of employment law, such as unfair dismissals, general protections, underpayments, bullying, discrimination, workplace disputes, post-employment restraints and confidential information.

This expert advice and understanding of business’ needs has led to Employsure Law claiming the ‘Boutique Workplace Law Specialists Of The Year In Australia’ award at the Global Law Experts and Global Advisory Experts Annual Awards.

Commenting on the win, Employsure Law ANZ Head of Legal Services Troy Plummer said, “We listen to SMEs and understand their need for affordable legal representation. Employsure enables SMEs to focus on the thing most important to them, their business.”

“At the core of our model is efficient, transparent and affordable legal representation, together with quick turnaround times and high success rates. Having worked across various Australian and international jurisdictions, the knowledge myself and my team have gained from representing businesses in a range of different industries, has given us the tools to correctly and confidently advise and proactively reduce the overall business risk to employers.

“We believe in order to effectively run a legal practice we must ensure ongoing training and development for all team members. Happy people make great things happen for our business and clients. For this reason, Employsure invests in education and wellness as a top priority – placing great importance on work-life balance.”

There is perhaps no greater example of this than with one of Employsure Law’s youngest team members, Deslyn Sinha, who recently took out Law Student Of The Year at the Lawyers Weekly Women In Law Awards 2021.

Ms Sinha has not only been working full time with Employsure Law, but has also simultaneously been studying for her law degree since starting.

“Human rights law and employment relations / labour law are two areas I am most passionate about. They are both powerful sub-fields but do not exist without limitations. It is within these limitations my fascination and passion as to how the law is applied and interpreted came about,” said Ms Sinha.

“My personal experiences, intertwined with my studies and experiences within the legal industry thus far, have fuelled my desire to contribute to a greater cause and tackle legal affairs at varying levels within these scopes.

“As a woman of colour, this recognition is especially felicitous and humbling as it serves as a reminder that the work I do, both academically and professionally, truly matters. However, I wouldn’t be where I am today if not for my incredible colleagues, family, and friends, so this achievement is equally extended to them. This experience compels me to continue to stay the course and encourage other young women, especially those of colour, entering the legal sphere.”

Employsure Law has also recently won numerous awards including Corporate INTL – Boutique Workplace Law Specialists Of The Year In Australia 2020, ACQ5 – Employment Law Firm Of The Year, Australia; Innovation and Excellence –  Boutique Workplace Law Specialists Of The Year, Australia; Global Excellence – Best Employment Relations Provider, 2020; AI – Leading Specialist Workplace and Employment Law Firm Of The Year 2020, and Corporate INTL – Boutique Workplace Law Specialists Of The Year In Australia 2021.

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