Investing in the Education of Future Workplace Lawyers


Investing in the Education of Future Workplace Lawyers

As part of our vision at Employsure Law, we are passionate about engaging with budding workplace lawyers. Our Head of Legal, Tass Angelopoulos, recently attended universities across Australia providing lectures to law students on a variety of workplace law topics.

Tass travelled to Griffith University (Queensland), Monash University (Victoria), Western Sydney University and University of Sydney (New South Wales). During these lectures, Tass presented interesting workplace law issues:

  • Practical aspects of representing SME’s in general protections claim
  • Practical insights on the unfair dismissal jurisdiction
  • Unfair dismissal claims from an employer law firm perspective
  • Work/wages bargain and the employee’s implied duties at law

Tass enjoyed presenting his lectures, sharing knowledge with enthusiastic law students and insights on opportunities at Employsure Law

I really appreciate you so generously donating your time to the Law of Employment students…look forward to opportunities to work with you again” Sandy Noakes

As a student who listens online, I really enjoyed your lectures and speaking style. You are clearly passionate about this area of the law which is great to see” Ryan Moran

Brilliant – always great to see professional expertise being showcased in the classroom – really boosts the whole education experience” James Hunt

Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with our students. So important for them to have insight from practice” Kylie Burns

Thank you Tass for your guest lecture today – informative, interactive and engaging” Sarah Prather

Thanks for an excellent presentation” Joellen Riley